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Barbara Vogt Mallery

Barbara Vogt Mallery

Honored October 2006

Barbara Vogt Mallery

Barbara Mallery has been named a Living Treasure not so much for what she has done (although she has done a great deal), but for who she is. Words from her many letters of nomination say it best:

"Barby is so interested in each being that she gives each and every one of us her undivided attention. She is selfless like a saint! She has not an ounce of prejudice in her bones, and has compassion for all. She is always there, helping, helping, helping."

"Barb's service to the Santa Fe community, her wonderful positive outlook on life, and her warmth, kindness and infectious smile all lend credence to the fact that she is truly a Living Treasure."

"Barbara's life is committed to being ready to do the next kind act for community, friends and family. She dances the dance she believes in, and makes a difference almost daily to someone or some cause, to make our lives richer and the planet a better place."