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Hazel Parcells

Dr. Hazel R. Parcells


Honored August, 1986

Dr. Hazel R. Parcells

Parcells set out on her journey in self-healing more than seventy years ago. When Hazel went to see her doctor in 1931, she was told she was dying. For fifteen years, she had been given drugs for heart problems. Most of her right kidney had been destroyed, her lungs were hemorrhaging daily, her heart was enlarged, and she had advanced tuberculosis.

Doctors recommended that Hazel enter a sanitarium for three years. She chose to keep working at the beauty parlor she owned. A diet of milk and eggs was recommended. She didn't follow it. "I had a desire for something green," she recalled. She purchased spinach. "Suddenly, all I wanted was spinach. I ate that green spinach raw, cooked, hot and cold, for breakfast--for every meal."