Santa Fe Living Treasures – Elder Stories

The cardiac care unit Bergere set up in 1967 at St. Vincent Hospital is named in his honor. During the difficult time of transition for the hospital, when its supervision was transferred from the Catholic Sisters of Charity to the present non-sectarian administration, Bergere served as the hospital's chief of staff. "If I were to look back with nostalgia on anything in my career, it would be that time," he said.

When the hospital outgrew its quarters on Palace Avenue, Bergere, along with hospital director Sister Mary Joaquin and Dr. Will Friedman, envisioned and brought into being the new hospital on St. Michael's Drive.    Bergere and his wife Dolores, a bacteriologist, raised five remarkable children. Science, medicine, music and community activism run in the family. Son David is a chemical engineer. Daughter Ellen is a nurse who worked closely with her father at St Vincent Hospital. Daughter Nancy is a musician, daughter Katie a Board member at the College of Santa Fe. Son Chris holds a PhD in anatomy and practices ophthalmology in California. At last count, there were ten Kenney grandchildren.

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