Santa Fe Living Treasures – Elder Stories

In 1943, Norbert began working for Bausch and Lomb, becoming director of materials research and development. At age sixty-four, Norbert found himself "retired by force by the rules of industry that you are too senile to do research." So he taught college graduate students from his sixty-fifth to his seventy-second year. "In a way, I returned to teaching, except my students were graduate students instead of first graders."

The Kreidls moved to Santa Fe in 1974. Norbert considered the City Different "my city, my country, my home." Home, that is, when he wasn't traveling as a lecturer/consultant. In 1984, he "made about 150,000 miles," he said. Between 1986 and 1988 he was on assignment in Europe six times.

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Photo ©1997 by Joanne Rijmes