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Mills Lorene

Lorene Mills

Honored October, 2019

Lorene Carpenter Mills

No-one has worked harder or more successfully in the broadcast media to keep Santa Fe and New Mexican’s informed than Lorene Mills and her iconic late husband Ernie Mills. In the early 80s she was the editor, producer, and camera woman for her political-journalist husband’s newsletter, daily radio broadcasts and the weekly television show, Reportfrom Santa Fe. After Ernie Mill’s untimely death in 2003, Lorene stepped from behind the camera into the studio, continuing her husband’s legacy, and creating her own. 
Considered the preeminent public affairs program in the state, 
Lorene’s weekly PBS show Report from Santa Fehosts well known people both locally and internationally Her guests from all walks of life include politicians, authors, artists, public servants, Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winners. During the legislative session Lorene talks with governors, state legislators and senators to highlight core issues and policies. Valerie  Plame, Anne Hillerman, N. Scott Momaday, Stewart Udall, Alan Arkin are just a few of the locals Lorene has interviewed.  International notables include Gore Vidal, Isabel Allende, Jane Goodall, Ralph Nadar, Senator John Kerry and more than 150 others. 
Lorene has a wonderful, relaxed  and effective interview style. Her warmth and  congeniality puts people at ease.  She has a PhD in Comparative Literature, and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of NM’s political and cultural history. She does extensive research on her guests and with her thoughtful and piercing questions elicits valuable information. Her discussions are always presented in a civil, intelligent, and respectful manner. She is one of the most requested moderators and panelist interviewers for local organizations such as the Lannan Foundation, 
Lorene was so amazed by the life of Max Evans whom she got to know through her interviews onReport from Santa Fe,that she felt someone needed to make a documentary about him. So In 2017 Lorene co-produced the award winning film, “Ol’ Max Evans:  The First Thousand Years” documenting his life as a soldier, writer, film maker, cowboy, and painter and mystic who lived all over New Mexico.
As an active member of her Aqua Fria Village Lorene has testified before County commissions and City Councils in supporting what the Villagers are protecting.
Lorene Mills exemplifies the true meaning of being a public servant. her level of commitment to her community is unsurpassed. She has devoted her life to honor, inform, and enrich the lives of those living in the Land of Enchantment. Friends and colleagues say the following about Lorene:
“her strength of character and strong moral fiber is evident in all she does.
a woman of grace and compassion without barriers for the good of humanity
devoted to education and preservation of culture and nature
a whirlwind of fun and engagement— *a delightful recounter 
Santa Fe and New Mexico have a brilliant gem humbly walking in our midst.
We need more Lorene’s in this world today”



Story by Nancy Dahl

Photo © 2019 by Genevieve Russell