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Dave Matthews

Honored June, 2018

Dave Matthews


A healthy economy is essential to sustaining Santa Fe’s rich history, culture, and art. Dave Matthews is a humble man who has worked in the background promoting the ideals, culture, and economic development of our city. His service to our community as a business and non-profit leader, is outstanding.

For many years Dave, as owner of the Healy-Mathews Stationers, always went above and beyond providing the best customer service—a reflection of the personal code of Dave Matthews himself. He is knowledgeable, professional, personal, honest, compassionate, and kind. He created jobs and supported small businesses in Santa Fe and invested in many important development projects which may not have succeeded without his support. Born a natural leader, he lent his financial and business expertise while serving on the Sunwest and Century Bank boards. With a philanthropic attitude and focus on the greater good, he promoted community support, i.e, what each could and should do for the community. A mentor to many, Dave is still sought out for financial and leadership advice as well as personal advice.

Besides being a successful member of the Santa Fe business and financial community, Dave has made major contributions to many non-profit organizations. His leadership style is described as always prepared, laid back and possesses a quiet sense of humor that inspires fellow board members. He received a Lifetime Honorary Board Membership for his outstanding service on the Board of the School of American Research. Dave served on the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce board, the St. Vincent Hospital finance committee and advisory board, and on the Santa Fe Opera board. He is currently a member of the International Folk Art Foundation and the Museum of New Mexico Foundation. 

Additionally as a young man he received an appointment to the Naval Academy but decided to continue his education, NOTC, and football at University of New Mexico instead. 

He has mentored in bilingual classes at Agua Fria School.

Friends and colleagues who know him well have this to say about Dave, “He is an avid squash and tennis player.. He is humble, soft spoken, the epitome of a gentleman…He’s a serious, judicious, but an affable person, possessed of a desire to do his best at the task at hand…A natural born leader, he ascends to the top in anything he enters…And he is continuously available to do anything he can do for others.  He has been a beloved family friend and mentor for nearly 50 years, and is perhaps the most genial and kind man I have ever met…He continues to exhibit selfless behavior without seeking the limelight… A man of his integrity and honesty is a model for all who come in contact with him…He is an example of what I aspire to in my dealings with others on any level…  David lets no grass grow under his feet and is always willing to do more to help others and the community.”



Story by Nancy Dahl

Photo © 2018 by Genevieve Russell