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Dave Grusin

Honored June, 2018

Dave Grusin


Throughout his distinguished seven decade career in music, David Grusin is internationally known and admired for his vast impressive accomplishments. His creativity has no limits. Quincy Jones once stated that Dave Grusin’s soul was wide open. It is said his professionalism and diversity provided the solid foundation for his success. Dave’s broad musical spectrum ranges from classical, folk to standards, rock and jazz. He’s been a keyboard sideman, headline artist, producer, conductor, arranger, record company executive, and a pioneer in musical technology. Dave’s style and inventiveness unfailingly identify a Dave Grusin endeavor. 


In his early career Dave was the musical director for The Andy Williams Show. He created the score for nine of Sydney Pollack’s motion pictures and received many grammy nominations, and won the Grammy for his score of the Fabulous Baker Boys and The Graduate. He won an Oscar for the Best Music original Score for the Milagro Beanfield War. In 1998 Dave earned the Hollywood Film Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music in Film.  


The University of Colorado and the Berkley College of music awarded Dave honorary doctorate degrees. 

Dave has tutored young musicians and  co-founded the National Foundation for Jazz Education. 


During his two decades in Santa Fe, when not performing nationally and internationally, Dave generously shares his talents in our community to help raise money and awareness for many local organizations, youth groups, and charities.  Friends say, “ Dave Grusin is not only warm and generous but one of the nicest, most unassuming, genuine guys you’d ever want to meet, and one of the funniest people too… I believe Dave Grusin is already a Living Treasure all over America, and indeed, of the world.  We are so lucky to have him here in Santa Fe.”



Story by Nancy Dahl

Photo © 2018 by Genevieve Russell