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Njoroge Tho–Biaz

Honored October, 2014

Njoroge Tho–Biaz


Creative, inspirational, a phenomenal teacher are words repeatedly used to describe Njoroge Tho-Biaz. A baritone voice, a spiffy dresser, an uncanny ability to listen, and a smile that wraps around the room.   He lives in the moment and fully treasures and embodies each experience with authenticity. Friends and colleagues talk about the glint of wonder in his eyes at the miracle that is today, every day.  He brightens everyones days and makes it better.  No wonder adults and children alike love him.

Njoroge is a major player and beloved participant in the Academy for the Love of Learning’s program called El Otro Lado. El Otro Lado is an innovative experiential teaching program that partners artists with public school teachers. In collaboration with a primary school teacher, Njoroge leads students through multimedia art experiences to explore their own stories through improvised theater, song, and dance. He has  a special magic with children; they love and respect him. The third grade children have this to say about Njoroge: “ He teaches me to sing different songs with him, and different plays...He is fun, awesome, wonderful and helpful... He is very talented... He has been there for me... He has helped me not be afraid to stand in front of the classroom... He helps me believe in myself. He really helped me experience how I can follow my dreams because I wrote in my journal and looked at the future.”

When Njoroge is not firing up young imaginations or being playground supervisor at the elementary school, he conducts workshops/trainings from the program he created, Dr. Imagination Different Ways of Being.  He believes changing attitude and shifting consciousness is a mental tool for personal healing/transformation. His upcoming book, Different Ways of Being is a workbook-journal, and tool kit  based on his experience of using consciousness and attitudinal healing to overcome a disabling stroke that 11 years totally paralyzed his right side and affected his speech and ability to walk.  He sees individuals, families, organizations, and groups in his private practice online and in Santa Fe and San Francisco bay area.  He is the CEO of Choice-Oasis Retreats, a consciousness research, coaching wellness, and publishing organization.

To stand in the company of Njoroge Tho-Biaz is to experience wisdom and joy, to experience imagination, to experience  the “perpetual rebirth of wonder.”  He is a master teacher, but also a master human being. He shows us that it is possible to transform a classroom, a family, a community, one heart at a time.  With the wisdom of an elder and the heart of a child no one walks away from an encounter with Njoroge unchanged.



Story by Nancy Dahl

Photo © 2014 by Genevieve Russell