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Sarah Taylor

Honored October, 2013

Sarah Taylor

She is a tireless, a ball of energy; she believes no job is beneath her and when she learns of a need, she makes sure it is met. Sarah Taylor has used her generous volunteering spirit and considerable talents and experience in organization, music, culinary expertise, world travels, to help non profits thrive in Santa Fe.  From her leadership roles on boards to work in the trenches, heading fundraisers and  carrying out bulk mailings, designing brochures and newsletters, maintaining databases, she has helped our people meet their basic needs for food and shelter, receive an education, earn income from artistic endeavors and create music.  She has helped to guarantee the cultural needs through the arts and the preservation of the local cultural history. Sarah’s extraordinary efforts have touched so many lives...she is the “behind the scene support” for hundreds of people who will never even know her name.
Organizations that have been been blessed by Sarah’s involvement, some considering  Sarah their “heart and soul” include
*Kitchen Angels: in addition to her many roles in this organization,  Sarah donated her time and considerable piano playing skills to the disabled volunteers by providing the accompaniment to musicals they performed.
*Council for International Relations
  • United World College: as a trustee she set policy for a College that provides life changing international education to scholarship students from over 100 nations.   
*Habitat for Humanity:  Sara was the mortgage processor who helped secure grants and loans, all the while guiding Habitat home buyers through the intricate process of purchasing their first home.  
*Wheelwright Museum  
*Folk Art Festival: as “Queen of the Badges” she kept track and created all the name cards and badges for the hundreds of artists and volunteers as well as creating volunteer schedules and working in the accounting room during market days 
*New Mexico Jazz Festival 
     One friend’s description illustrates how Sarah works... she sees Sarah humbling speaking fluent Spanish with a family from Mexico, preparing food with love and grace, typing minutes of the board meeting in the corner of the board room, struggling over figures on a settlement statement, listening patiently as I was challenged in new ways by my work, speaking at a house dedication, presiding at a board meeting.  I see the respect all people have for her.  I will always remember her grace, her mischievous self, her incredible musical talent, her laugh, her encouragement and her undying belief that her work in the world is to make the world a better place for everyone.


Story by Nancy Dahl

Photo © 2013 by Genevieve Russell