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Priscilla Carr

Honored October, 2012

Priscilla Carr

Outstanding in all her endeavors, Priscilla Carr has embodied and embraced the spirit of Santa Fe.   At the same time she was a wife and mom, she engaged in a  successful career in government and community volunteerism. Priscilla's public service career in government included the Department of Education, the State Supreme Court offices, the Legislative Finance Committee, and Appropriations Committee. She worked for four governors, both Democratic and Republican....Garrey Carruthers, Bruce King, Jerry Apodaca, and Toney Anaya.

Governor Carruthers wrote, "Her ability to succeed in service to this rather disparate group of Governors can be attributed to her excellent skills and her very quiet confidence.  Never intrusive but always collegial and helpful.". Highly respected for her dedication and professionalism, Priscilla was sent to officially greet and escort Prince Charles on his first trip to Santa Fe, and hosted a party at the Governor's Mansion for Astronaut John Glenn and his wife.

Priscilla's history of volunteerism includes:
the Santa Fe Opera Guild in the 60's- she helped the fledgling opera company get off the ground and was responsible for securing housing the artists
The Theater of Music and the Santa Fe Community Theater--often loaning personal items to the theater.
President of the Santa Fe Garden Club- worked on Behind Adobe Walls House and Garden tours
Member of the PEO for 50 years
Museum volunteer
Active member the First Presbyterian Church-- the pastor described Pricilla as a mainstay of the congregation, and a quite literally, a front row Presbyterian. Eager to hang on to every word of the preacher, she weekly positions herself within spitting distance of the pulpit.

As a mom, no one could receive a greater compliment than that from her daughter who wrote.."I grew up with a mother most of my friends wished they had..our house was always open and welcoming to our friends...My parents had three very different children with diverse interests and talents.  Whatever we were interested in, we were supported. Mom was always chaperone field trips, help with costumes, to help with sick babies."

What her friends say about Priscilla....
"She exemplifies the gritty "can-do" attitude"...."There is never a task too small or too big that she would turn down to help others"...
Positive out look and unrelenting optimism-- and a great sense of humor.
She has twinkling eyes, a winsome and quick smile, a courageous spirit, a loving heart, and a recipe box to die for.



Story by Nancy Dahl

Photo © 2012 by Genevieve Russell