Santa Fe Living Treasures – Elder Stories


And what they did might best be summed up in the words of those who nominated them for this award. A few of the comments:

“Since we came here 15 years ago, Abe and Marian have been the proverbial Mr. and Mrs. Santa Fe.

“They are the most upbeat, optimistic people I have ever known.” “Early on I realized this family was different. They have an amazing ability to give back to Santa Fe.” “Perhaps most impressive is that they instilled the same spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy to all three children in their family.” “Individually they are incredible. Together they are unbeatable.” “Abe is a ray of sunshine, and always offers his great sense of humor.” “They have the wonderful ability to put people at ease.” “In Sweden we still like to believe in magical beings that live in the forest. That’s how I see Marian and Abe--as magical beings that pop up when you most need them.”

Story by Richard McCord

Photo © 2008 Steve Northup