Santa Fe Living Treasures – Elder Stories

"He has been a force of reason, of fiscal stability and integrity in our Legislature. He has been a continuous source of strength, of kindness and of thoughtfulness, making a difference in countless lives along the way." * "He is an inspiration as a lawmaker and as a caring human being." * "He really did represent the people, not the special interests who lined up to try to twist his arm." * "His was the unquestioned voice for the consumer, the taxpayers, the '"little people.'" * "No one worked harder for the advancement of humanitarian principles than he." * "In times of deep, sometimes bitter division, he managed to create consensus between majority and minority members of both legislative chambers, and complete the business of the state." * "He is the embodiment of leadership."

And the very special tribute? "I am not sure that it is proper for a wife to recommend her husband, but my husband became a hero to me and thousands of others. He is the same caring, witty, devoted person at home that he is in public. Max was never a 'politician,' he was that truly rare thing--my husband was and is a 'statesman.'"