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Max Coll



Honored May, 2006

Max Coll

For more than three decades before his retirement in 2004, Max Coll served the people of New Mexico as a "citizen legislator" in the state House of Representatives.

Beginning in his native Roswell and then for 32 years in Santa Fe, he worked tirelessly for causes and issues he believed would make life better for us all.

According to a torrent of letters supporting him for today's award, those causes were many and varied--as were the people signing the letters. The writers included fellow legislators, a former governor, a former U.S. cabinet secretary, rafting companions, Rotarians, artists, environmentalists, health-care deliverers, and citizens from other walks of life. Plus, a very special tribute, to be cited below.

Max supported many things: equal rights for women, public art, natural resources, fiscal responsibility, civil liberties, a fair tax policy, universal health insurance, HIV treatment, clean elections, open government, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, quality education, state museums, the interests of children the elderly and those in need. And the words of his own supporters are eloquent: