Santa Fe Living Treasures – Elder Stories

"It was so important, the care my father and mother gave us, their commitment to us they said, 'Don't take. Give something back.' That's the philosophy we live by."

Tony's accomplishments reflect that philosophy of his parents. He has been a police commissioner for the town of Taos, a member of the Taos School Board, a trustee of the Millicent Rogers Museum, a judge at Santa Fe Indian Market, and is a lifetime member of the Taos Pueblo Council.

As governor of Taos Pueblo, he took responsibility for the welfare of his people, including the protection of the resources of the pueblo such as water rights and ditches; the preservation of structures; and the construction of a health clinic. To prepare for this job, he first served as tribal secretary and lieutenant governor of the pueblo.

Tony raised four children. One daughter, Diane Reyna, is known for her work in television and as the director of the Peabody Award-winning video Surviving Columbus, about the history of the Pueblo Indians after contact with the Spanish. One son, John Anthony, teaches at the Contemporary Indian School in Rowe, New Mexico; another son, Phillip, is manager of the Tony Reyna Indian Shop at Taos Pueblo. His daughter Marie Anthony teaches at the Children's Arts Center at Taos Pueblo. His wife, Annie Cota Reyna, died in 1993.

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