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Jay Scherer

Dr. Jay V. Scherer


Honored April, 1984

Dr. Jay V. Scherer

I haven't had any regular diseases, said eighty-year-old Jay Victor Scherer, a doctor who has devoted his life to healing others. Jay began treating people at the age of seven. Because his mother was a healer. "whenever anybody got hurt at school, they would come running to me," he said, "there was more cooperation between professions back then."

He was born in 1907 near Spokane, Washington, in a little village called Uniontown. Jay's entire family was trained in the Rudolf Steiner system, a prescribed method of self-discipline whereby a cognitive experience of the spiritual world can be achieved. His mother was a graduate of the Rudolf Steiner School in Germany. "She knew a lot about herbs and healing," and worked in the famous Dr. Foster Clinic in Idaho as Jay was growing up. "My mother had inner vision. She could look at a person and see what was wrong with them by watching the health aura," Jay said.