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Dolores Fidel



Honored May, 1999

Dolores Fidel

Dolores Fidel was a longtime employee of the schools, working as a nurse with the Santa Fe school district for 37 years.

From 1962 until her retirement in 1995, she served as head of the district's 16 nurses. And for the last 10 years, she was also head of the district's health and nursing services. During this time she was in charge not only of nursing, but of other health-related areas such as drug-use prevention and counseling.

Fidel said she was "overwhelmed" to learn that she was added as a treasure. "What a wonderful thing," she said.

The daughter of Italian immigrants, Fidel joked that now that she is retired, she can't believe she ever had the time to work.

She serves on the board of directors of La Familia Medical Center, and is also a member of Sons of Italy, a Santa Fe organization for people of Italian descent.

Article by Erika Davila
The New Mexican, April 18, 1999

Photo © 1999 by Steven Northup