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Sam & Christjane “Kiki” Goodwin

Sam &
Chris Jane 'Kiki'


Honored May, 1998

Samuel & Chris Jane 'Kiki' Goodwin

Upon retiring from the military and before the couple even built their house and settled into their new Crossed Sabres Ranch in 1970, the Turquoise Trail Volunteer Fire Department asked them to join up.

Kiki became the first woman firefighter and was one of the first certified EMT instructors in the state.  She was the medical captain for 15 years. After the 1980 prison riots in Santa Fe, where Kiki spent 39 hours treating wounded inmates and guards, she was awarded commendations from the Governor and selected as New Mexico’s Outstanding Volunteer in Public Safety.  

Sam, a retired Brigadier General who served in WW II, the Korean War and Vietnam, became a volunteer firefighter; assisted then first lady of the governor, Alice King, in starting the family hospitality center at the prison which greatly reduced the recidivism rate; became involved with the Council of International Relations; and served on the San Marcos Neighborhood Association where for twenty years he helped mediate the bitter fight between miners and environmentalists in Cerrillos, New Mexico.  

Sam and Kiki placed 102 acres of their Crossed Sabers Ranch (1/3 of their total land) into a perpetual conservation easement.  It has become a sanctuary for wild life and a place of peace and serenity.  Sam died on the ranch on January 10, 1998, of bone marrow cancer and there his ashes were strewn.